Dean Savage

"I strive to inspire people and organizations to realize their true potential by adding value and influencing positive change."

– Dean Savage

We will bring you to the next level of business.

Dean Savage is the owner of Inspired Consulting. He spent 25 years owning and running a Moving & Storage company in Washington State. He served on multiple leadership teams in the Moving Industry including serving as President of the Washington Movers Conference.

He is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. His passion is to inspire people and organizations to realize their true potential by adding value and being an encouragement for positive change. Ultimately helping them discover their Passions, Purpose, and Plan.

Passion, Purpose, and Plan

God, Family, Community

Dean grew up in Taiwan as a child of missionaries. His father was a full time pastor and Hospital Administrator. Learning the values of caring and hard work from an early age, he carries those same principles in his lifestyle now.

His Faith in Jesus helps fuel his desire to love God, love his Family, and love People. With a passion for missions and serving his community, he has gone on mission trips as well as helps lead a large monthly Food Distribution at his church. Since 2012, he has helped collect, deliver, and distribute over 1 million pounds of food for local Food Distributions and Food Banks in the Pacific Northwest.


Empowering Growth Through Coaching

Coaching is a thought provoking conversation that empowers you with the answers you need to navigate challenges, maximize opportunities, and grow.

Coaching helps people move from where they are to where they want to be and navigate the obstacles, challenges, and opportunities that appear along the way. A coach can help you build accountability, build momentum, and accelerate the results you desire.


Empowering individuals to achieve their full potential and live their best life through transformative coaching conversations.


To provide personalized coaching that empowers individuals to overcome obstacles, set and achieve meaningful goals, and create a fulfilling life.


Empowering Growth Through Coaching.


Empowerment, Accountability, Growth, Trust, and Results-Driven.


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