Frequently Ask Qustions

 Answers to Your Common Questions About Our Services and Business Operations.

Business Coaching is spending time with the leader or manager helping them work through their challenges, set goals, and make changes. Consulting is still doing that part, but also then spending time with the client on projects, initiatives, and changes they want to make within their organization. The Business Consultant does the work on behalf of the company.

Typically our Clients need a mix of both. It often starts with Coaching to determine the best course of action going forward and what projects and initiatives the Client wants the Consultant to complete for them. However, some Organizations already know the work they want to contract to the Business Consultant and can give them direction and together set the goal for what they want to have achieved.

Often in the Business world it is referred to contracting or hiring a Contractor.

Our Business Consultant has spent 25 years owning and running an organization. Among other strengths he has expertise in financials, goal setting, customer service, and employee communication.

Often Business Leaders get stuck in the day to day and forget about big picture. Having a Coach can help with Goal Setting, Accountability, and an outside view of the organization. Coaching can help with planning for growth all the way to planning to selling the business and retirement.